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NLE Nov 2008 - Nursing Practice 1

Nursing Licensure Examination
November 29, 2008

I. Personal and Professional Growth and Development
A. Historical Perspective in Nursing
o Florence Nightingale – Nursing’s First Scientist-Theorist
o Nursing – Virginia Henderson
o Nursing is DYNAMIC
o Philippine Formal Nursing Education started in – Iloilo City
o Act # 2493 – First Law that has something to do with the practice of nursing
B. Nursing as a Profession
o BSN Program – Nurse Generalist
o ALTRUISM – Hallmark of Nursing Profession
o Code of Ethics for Filipino Nurses – BON Resolution # 220 Series of 2004
C. Theoretical Foundation of Nursing Applies in Health Care Situations
o Theory – supposition or system of ideas
o Stages of Nursing Expertise – Patricia Benner
o Self-care Deficit Theory – Dorothea Orem
o 4 Concepts in Nursing – Person, Health, Environment, Nursing
D. Continuing Professional Education
o CPE – 60 units for 3 years
o PRC Resolution # 2004-179 Series of 2004
o CPR (Employer)/Fire Safety Program – In-service education program
E. Professional Organizations in Nursing
o Sigma Theta Tau Fraternity
F. The Nurse in Health Care
o Roles and Functions of a Nurse – Manager, Patient’s Advocate, Change Agent
o Expanded Career Roles – Nurse Anesthetist, Nurse-Midwife, Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Specialist
II. Safe and Quality Care
A. The Nursing Process
o Assessment
o Nursing Diagnosis
o Planning
o Intervention
o Evaluation
B. Basic Nursing Skills
• Admission and Discharge
o Informed Consent – emancipated minor
• Vital Signs
o Assessment of Blood Pressure
o Errors of Blood Pressure
o Stethoscope
o Temperature – R-O-A-T
o Infection in Adult – Change in Mental Status
o Pulse Site – Apical Pulse
o Hyperthermia – earliest sign of thyroid storm
o Hypovolemic Shock or Increased ICP
• Physical Examinations and Health Assessment
o Percussion of Chest – Normal – Resonance
o Dorsal Surface of Hand – to detect warmth
o I A Pe Pa – Abdominal Assessment
• Administration of Medications
o Intramuscular – Z-track Technique, G20-23, 1”-2”
o Subcutaneous – slower absorption of medication, G25-27, 3/8”, 5/8”, ½”
o Insulin Administration – Abdomen, 0.5 – 1” away
o Iron Therapy – Empty Stomach, Before Meals
o Potassium Chloride Administration – Incorporated to PNSS
o Blood Transfusion – G18-19
• Asepsis and Infection Control
o Measles – Droplet Precaution
o AIDS – Universal Precaution
o Green Bin – biodegradable (food stuff)
• First Aid Measure
o Reduce Swelling – elevate the affected extremity; Cold and Warm Compress
• Wound Care
o Dressing Change
• Post-mortem Care
o Rigor-Algor-Livor Mortis
o Stages of Grieving – Kubler Ross
C. Measures to Meet Physiological Needs
• Oxygenation
o Sputum Specimen
o Thoracentesis
o Pulse Oximeter
o Incentive Spirometer
o Three-way Bottle System
• Nutrition
o NGT Insertion – High Fowler’s
o TPN – Infection, Check for Redness; Effectiveness – Daily Weight
o Low-sodium diet
o Low-fat diet
• Activity, Rest and Sleep
o Anemia - Rest
• Fluid and Electrolyte Balance
o Potassium Excess – Hyperkalemia – Tall T wave
o HypUkalemia – presence of U wave
o Thirst – first sign of dehydration
o Hypertonic Solutions – D5NS,D10W
• Urinary Elimination
o Urine Specimen – 24 hour urine specimen
o Indwelling Urinary Catheter
• Bowel Elimination
o Fecal Incontinence / Fecal Impaction
o Types of Laxatives – Colace – Stool Softeners
o Ileostomy – watery stool
o Colostomy - LICHE
• Safety, Comfort, Hygiene
o Oral Care – PNSS; Dryness – Petroleum Jelly
o Artificial Eye – Warm PNSS
• Mobility and Immobility
o Abduction – lessen the degree of fulcrum
o Sandbags, Trochanter Roll, Bed Cradle, Trapeze Bar
III. Health Education
A. Teaching and Learning Principles in the Care of Client
o Bloom’s Domain of Learning – Cognitive, Affective, Psychomotor
o Compliance
B. Discharge Planning
o Before beginning – have a Physician’s Authorization
o Rehabilitation – upon admission
IV. Ethico-Moral Responsibility
A. Bioethical Principles
o Justice – TRIAGE Nursing
o Paternalism
o Prudence, Fortitude, Temperance, Justice, Character, Values
V. Legal Responsibility
A. Legal Aspects in the Practice of Nursing
o Informed Consent – Emancipated Minors
o Elements of Negligence
o Assault, Battery, False Imprisonment, Invasion of Privacy
o Defamation – Libel, Slander
o Controlled Substances – Locked Cabinet
o Impaired Nurses
o Rape – Priority: Preservation of Evidence
o Violence , Neglect Abuse – Mandated Reporter
o Newborn screening act – RA 9288
o PRC Resolution # 2004-179 Series of 2004 – 60 CPE units
o Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 – RA 9165
o Cheaper Medicines Act – RA 9502
o Telephone Orders
o Restraints
B. The Philippine Nursing Act of 2002 (R.A. 9173)
o 75%; 60%
o Removal examination – within 2 years
o Powers and Functions of the Board – Quasi-judicial – issue subpoena
o License – most important tool for legal control and enforcement of nursing practice – renewed every 3 years – 60 CPE units
o Prohibitions in the practice of nursing – Fine: 50000-100000
VI. Management of Environment and Resources
A. Theories and Principles of Management
o Span of Management
o Unity of Command
B. Leadership Style
o Autocratic, Democratic, Laissez Faire
o Situational Leadership Model
C. Primary Nursing
o 24-hour care
D. Delegation and Accountability
o Responsibility – obligation to complete a task
o Accountability – answerable to one’s action
o Assessment of Patient’s wound – not delegated
VII. Records Management
A. Anecdotal Report
B. Incident Report
C. Documentation – SOMR vs. POMR
D. Computerization – Nursing Informatics
E. Referral – Hospice Care Facilities – Terminally Ill Patients
o Research – Qualitative vs. Quantitative
o Experimental, Quasi-experimental, Non-experimental
o Central Tendency – Mean, Median, Mode

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Time to Update my Blog.

After a long run, finally, its time to update this old blog. hehehe

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How are you?

Kamusta na kayo? Long time no hear. Pasyensya na kung walang update. Sobrang busy lang talaga. Galingan nyo sa Qualifying Exam nyo ha. Kaya nyo yan! God Bless!

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Congratz Graduates!

Hi Guys, im proud of you. Ang gagaling at gagraduate na. Hehehe Im leaving today for isabela. Sana maging maayos. hehehe Ingat Kayo lhat!

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How are you doing?

Kamusta na mga estudyanteng palaboy laboy sa fatima? Nakakamiss magturo. Hehehe Sana maging successful kayong lahat. You can still approach me if ever you have problems. Ok? Goodluck and GodBless... I hope to see you soon... (in your review?!)

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Congratz again!

Congratz po sa mga pumasa ng first removal and xempre congratz sa lahat ng gagraduate na! galingan nyo pa. God Bless and Good Luck! "Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."

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Hi guys, for those who passed the recent TCAP Exam, I congratulate you... Inuman na! Hehehe Joke lang. Dun nmn sa hindi nakaabot sa passing rate eh, we still have our removals. Galingan nyo dun. Sa mga nakapasa tulungan nyo ang mga klasm8s nyo na makapasa sa removals. Tayo tayo na lang ang magtulungan ha. Congratulations also to Ms. Maala of Sec 61, Mr. Manzano of Sec 9, Mr. Sales of Sec 63 and Ms. Roman of Sec 63 for being in the topnotcher's list. God Bless and Good Luck to all. "Success, like happiness, is more than a destination - it is a venture; more than an achievement it is an attitude.

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Grades Update 02-15-08; 12:30am

Guys, naupdate ko na grades nyo. Lahat ng plus eh wala pa jan (e.g. foundation day). Hanggang sunday lang yan nakapost jan. Tatanggalin ko na din. Ok? Click here to view your grades.

URGENT Announcement

Guys, I am sorry to inform you that I won't be posting your grades anymore in our yahoo group. I was advised by other professor NOT to post it because of different reasons. I am really sorry. I thought being transparent especially with your grades is good, but as I said different issues might come up if I will continue to do so. BUT guys, I will continue to post your SCORES in your EXAMS but NOT the entire computation of your grade. If you want to see the total breakdown of your grade, just inform me and I will let you see it. Ok? I will post your scores later. So to be sure that its already in our yahoo group, just check it out tom. Guys, MAGARAL NG MABUTI. I know you are all anxious now, but just remember this, GOD WILL HELP YOU! and GOD IS WITH US. So take time to pray. God Bless you Guys and Good Luck in your exams.