Thursday, February 14, 2008

URGENT Announcement

Guys, I am sorry to inform you that I won't be posting your grades anymore in our yahoo group. I was advised by other professor NOT to post it because of different reasons. I am really sorry. I thought being transparent especially with your grades is good, but as I said different issues might come up if I will continue to do so. BUT guys, I will continue to post your SCORES in your EXAMS but NOT the entire computation of your grade. If you want to see the total breakdown of your grade, just inform me and I will let you see it. Ok? I will post your scores later. So to be sure that its already in our yahoo group, just check it out tom. Guys, MAGARAL NG MABUTI. I know you are all anxious now, but just remember this, GOD WILL HELP YOU! and GOD IS WITH US. So take time to pray. God Bless you Guys and Good Luck in your exams.

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