Thursday, January 17, 2008


Guys, im sorry for not uploading any new files here. Im quite busy right now, im trying to finish all the topics that are covered in your midterms and finals. Anyway, i will keep you posted for more details. You just read all the reviewers that i had put in our yahoo!group and then maybe on february, i will put some questinnaires that are useful in your coming TCAP. God Bless! Study Hard.

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Anonymous said...

sir,, ang hirap nyu mag pa quiz..! haha! lage nlng ako mababa sa quiz nyu.. mahina kxe ko sa memorization.. pro mataas naman ako nung prelim exam. kso lakas pla mang hatak pababa ng quiz..! grbe.! pro azteg ka sir galing mo.. salado ko sau..! hehe! ingatz lage,..!